Wednesday, August 08, 2007

That's better....

I get home from work. I am dripping with sweat, sore, and the skin is a little crispy. I say, "JOB WELL DONE!" I forgot how much I missed this. In no way, shape, or form is my job a luxurious one. In fact it is quite the opposite, but I really do enjoy it. Here is a picture of me putting the finishing touch on a clients yard. ;-) Yep, it sure is good to get back to work. Now, I wonder if things will stay as they are. I am speaking about my health status. If it does, that would be totally awesome. There is a good chance though, that my body will not like all the new physical labor. I did my part though, what ever is gonna happen will happen. I will just continue to pray for the best outcome. If that is HIS will, then great. If not, I will figure it out as I go.

Something kind of scary did happen today. Almost made me jump out of my socks. We mow a retirement home. The middle of the building has an open area with mulch beds and grass, I forget what is the name for it.........running a blank. Anyways, STEVE the preacher was push mowing, and I was weed whipping. I looked out of the corner of my eye and see this employee running full steam towards me. I'm thinking, "jeez Mikey, you screwed up on the first day back?" Come to find out, she was running at me because the truck and trailer were parked right out in front. And one of the residents was having health issues, she needed me to move the truck A.S.A.P.! I did, and it wasn't a big deal. BUT, I was worried for a second. I give today 2 thumbs up because I got my job back, I worked hard, and feel good.

Also, I gave Jay Rozelle a call today. I just wanted to touch base with him, let him know I got my job back at Vision Scapes. He was glad to hear that, and seemed glad for the update. I feel like I am really going out of my comfort zone by attempting to make the new relationship possibility work. Most of my friends are the direct opposite. BUT, I am getting sick of being around people who influence me in negative ways. It is such a relief to talk to someone who carries the same values as me, and acts on them. It's good. He said he will give me a call next week sometime, and maybe we can hang out or something to that effect.

Also, I have actually been doing a lot for people and the Stem Cell Cause for someone "not doing anything." I hope I will be able to keep my level of commitment to the people who have reached out to me, either for guidence, or what not.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on getting your job back! God saw how hard you were trying recently to find a job and he made it easy for you, he provided! How does your body handle the heat we had today? With my MS I can't handle the heat well and tonight I am paying for the time I spent in my yard today. Take it easy and smile for no reason!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear things are going good. God has good timing doesn't he. oh wait it;s his time
i will be praying that things continue to go good such as job, and your body won't hate this return to work thing and that you will continue to surround yourself with the people God desires. Remember basic garbage in, basic garbage out. and sometimes making life changes does mean making new friends. take care, and have fun!! amy