Sunday, August 12, 2007

I had soo much FUN!

I am so lucky to have friends who have such fun things to do. LOVE IT! My friend Brad has a lake cottage up like 45 minutes north of Fort Wayne. BUT, first we went to another lake. Hamilton Lake, it was so much fun. Thats where we stayed Saturday night, we played in a corn hole tournament. There was 34 people in the game, and probably 50 people there, it is a big deal up at the lake. If you have never heard of corn hole, and are interested in the rules and what not. Click the corn hole link. ~CORN HOLE~
This morning, I woke up, had some amazing breakfast, went tubing, and enjoyed the day. Later on we went to Brad's lake, it was awesome too!

OK, the lady in the blue Capri's looked very familiar. I could not think of her name for the life of me though. All day long it bothered me, and I didn't want to be embarrassed to go and ask her just in case she was someone I should have known. SO, I asked around and found out she use to work at my High School. BAM, problem solved. It was such a beautiful day. The clouds were so pretty, and it was just sooo much fun.Here is some live action. You randomly picked your partner, so there wasn't any unfair advantages for anyone. Out of 35 people, I picked Brad as my partner. WHAT LUCK! lol. Then the coolest part. THE FREE T-SHIRT! The Got Hole was on the front.This was on the back. Now I have something to wear to remember my memories for a long time. So much fun. I tell you what, going to the lake is a big motivator for me to get an education and a good job. I want to be able to afford a lake cottage, and a boat. That would suit me just fine. And there were some mondo expensive houses on this lake.

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