Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I did a lot better today.

I did a lot better working today with my "issue." I didn't get upset about the stupid things, and just didn't let things bother me in general.

I am lucky to have good adult role models in my life. One specifically is Bill; co-worker, friend, and positive influence. I was really taken today when he asked my opinion on a serious matter in his life. He was giving me a ride home after work and asked more specifically about something he mentioned earlier in the day. I felt really honered that he wanted my opinion on the subject.

I had my first ~RaNdOm~ check in today. Now, I am making the bunny ears with my fingers when I say "random check in." It is a part of my unsupervised probation, but there is absloutly nothing random about it. In fact, my next ~RaNdOm~ check in is schedueled for November 16th. They are telling me 3 months in advance! Pretty random huh?

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