Sunday, August 26, 2007

Learned about Forgivness today

Church was great today. In fact, I got to take my dad......wait, let me re-phrase that. My parents were going to drop me off at my church early, and go to theirs. But, my mom was feeling sore and didn't want to go because of all the sitting. SO, my dad decided to go to church with me. It was great, I love Pathways. Today, a man named Mitchell Kruse was the speaker, he gave an excellent sermon about forgiveness. How justice and mercy work together. Without mercy is condemnation, without justice is license. And, the 4 prison walls that keep us going no where when we don't forgive. The four walls are....
1.) Revenge: When we seek revenge when someone does us wrong sometimes keeps us from fully forgiving our enemy.
2.) Resentment: When we resent our enemy so much, it can keep us from forgiving them.
3.) Regret: When we hold the regrets of things we did in the past can keep us from forgiving ourselves.
4.) Resisting Blessing: And when thinking we are not worthy of blessings can keep us from fully completing the forgiveness process.

I loved it, and during the praise and worship part of church, I was floating on a cloud of praise. I really enjoyed it. I want to find someone who can help me get to church until I get my license and a vehicle. I would also really like to find a new small group to join up. To keep me accountable to all the important things.

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment at the Indiana Center for Multiple Sclerosis in Indianapolis. I have lots of questions for my doc. about some new medications, and I hope it goes well. I really really do.

~M/S Update~
I noticed something in church today. I don't know anything for sure, I never do. BUT, I did start to feel my legs tremble slightly. Not even enough to notice it with your eyes, but I could feel it from within. It didn't worry me, it just made me very aware of it.

It was very nice to talk with you. I'm glad circumstances allowed that to happen. ;-)

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