Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If I could only invent something....

If I could invent something like this. It is the part used in the hydroelectric dam in Niagara falls to produce electricity. ughhh, I would probably have to be an engineer though. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "DO'OH!" Or maybe I could just get really good at cards like Bill Malone. This dude is set for life, Guarantee it!

LOL. Ohh, I am actually laughing out loud too, that is the funny part. As I was mowing grass today, it really became apparent to me about something. We were mowing the middle area of a Jr. College, and it struck me. These people look down on me............and if I was in their shoes, even though they are walking out of a Jr. College, they are trying to better their lives. I am mowing grass. MARK MY WORDS! I am going to save up, buy a car, and get my butt back in school. I think I would really like to study to become a counselor. I love people, I love helping, I am good at talking to people, and people have come to me for advice since I started opening my mouth and voicing my opinion. I figure this much anyways. I am the kind of person who needs to have that drive to do something like college. If I am going to classes, and I tell myself I am doing it so I can be a counselor. If I run into something else I find I may enjoy, THEN SO BE IT!

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