Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tomorrow is the interview.

I dunno, I have mixed emotions. I'm not sure what to expect, I do know that if I could get this job, it would be really good for me finicially. There is no guarantee though. I don't know.

I did get to do something really really amazingly awesome after work though. My friend, and neighbor Heather Huffman was backing out of her drive way right as I was walking up mine. She yelled my name and I went over and chatted with her for a bit before she had to hurry off to work. BUT, she told me that her lil one Caiden was accross the street at her mom & dad's house. I got to go and play for a bit. :-) Check this cutie out!

5 months old, and as CUTE AS EVER! This is the first time I have gotten a chance to see the lil guy, but I am so glad I got to. Such a cutie, and well....just look at him!

You have to watch this video. This little girl is so adorable. I hope I have a little child like this some day.

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