Sunday, August 19, 2007

HAPPY 59th B-Day DAD!

Yes, today is my dad's official B-Day. We celebrated it yesterday though. I would show some pictures of him blowing out his cake....BUT I can't upload them onto my parents computer. I took those pictures with my digital camera, and I have to plug it directly into my lap top in order to have access to them. Why am I not on my own computer? It is not currently working to it's fullest capacity. It happened like this. I wanted to create a b-day card for my dad. Well, I was looking and looking and all the generic sites I found didn't have anything I liked. SO, I found this "free" software that I could download and create a unique card just the way I wanted. HA! Stupid me, ohh, I downloaded the program alright, but for those of you who know about Spyware, well, that was what I really downloaded. My computer is not even functional. Every time I turn it on the screen fills up with so many pop up's that I can't even concentrate. I tried running my Ad-Aware program, and my AVG Anti-virus program, but it was fruitless. My poor compy is not feeling too good, and I am not going to mess with it until my friend comes over and takes a look at it. AHHHHHH!!! I was so frustrated yesterday. I was yelling, and pounding trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with it. My back ground image actually fillled up with a new image. It was an all red screen, and a bio-hazard symbol was right in the middle. It said that spy-ware was on my computer, and that hackers were attempting to gain control of my computer. lol. Then it said I had to download this software to protect my system. It cost lots of money of course. ohhh jeeze. I just shut off my computer. Happy ~"Birty"~ dad. I love you so much, and I am positive God made you my father for a very specific reason. Thanks for being there to show me how a man is suppose to act.

Yesterday in the morning I worked. Did some up keep around the shop, and then cleaned off some of the mowers. When I called for a ride home....No one was available. Instead of doing the rational thing and waiting for someone to pick up their phone, I walked home. It was exactly a 4 mile walk. It was a nice one too. I just couldn't believe how many beer bottles I saw on the walk home. I saw all kinds of things actually. Female razers, carpet, lego's, a Samsung cell phone, pornography, uncountable amounts of trash, and other things. It was crazy. I saw a lot of people interacting with their environment, and it was pretty cool. Check this live action shot.

Ya see, even though I can't plug my phone directly into my computer; because of it's current state, I can still utilize my technology. Ya see, I can take a picture with my phone, and instead of sending that picture to another phone, I can send it directly to my E-Mail. BAM! Now I got pictures from my phone on my parents computer.

The night ended up with some cool information I got from my "half brother" Troy. I found out why I have always been so susceptible to bloody noses. I don't understand it completely, but when it told me it did make sense. I also got to hang out with my buddy Jason Burdick and Adam Eichel. It was good stuff.

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