Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday night madness

Today was all the bowling you can handle after 9:00P.M. for $6.50 Now, it was intense! Check these shot's out.

I totally shot a strike after this picture was taken. Just goes to show you don't have to have pretty form to throw a good strike. ;-)

josh did pretty good tonight, there was a point during the course of the night that he had like 4 strikes in a row. You can tell who is actually good a bowling when they can bowl with consistancy. None of us could do that. Here is a picture of Chris after he threw a gutter ball. He threw a lot of those during the evening. But, I think he had a really good time.

I didn't work today because of the massive amount of rain we have been getting. It's weird. If we get no rain at all, I don't work because there is no grass to cut. If we get non-stop rain forever, I also don't mow(work) because the ground is too wet to work on.

I also realized today how much I miss my friends in China. How much I miss the environment, the culture, and the general way of life. Does that make me an odd ball? Maybe, I don't care though.

Every night for like the past 2 weeks, I have these crazy vivid dreams. I can only remember what I dream for like 1/2 hour after I wake up. I never take the time to write it down. But it's weird because when I am dreaming, I can't tell I am dreaming untill I wake up.

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