Saturday, August 04, 2007

Today was sweeet.

Today I met with Jay Rozelle. This is a picture of Jay, I found off the internet. We met up at Starbucks around 1, and it was pretty cool. We talked about all kinds of things, and I enjoyed it. Jay is a really good guy, devoted husband, father, and christian. He seemed interested in hanging out. We also talked about a really awesome organization called Young Life, which is dedicated to reaching out to high school aged kids all around the world. It was pretty cool to meet up with Jay. I remember him from when I was pretty young. Our mom's have been friends forever, and it was just kind of a cool situation. I am excited to see what will come of it. I know that it would be really awesome if I could surround myself with people like Jay and his friends. That is sooo what I need to grow up, become a man, and a devoted Christ follower.

The rest of the day I spent at home. The father ordered some pizza, and then I challenged my mind by watching the History Channel. ;-)


Anonymous said...

hey there mikey,
just wanted to say that's what we are suppose to... surround yourself with poeple like Jay. it goes back to that old saying "basic garbage in... basic garbage out" and also fits the saying "what you eat is what you are". basicly being around people who totaly fit your life encourage you and help keep you on track. I'm so glad to see that concept has made you see that surrounding yourself with Gods people will help you with your walk andin becoming a man of God. and if you surround yourself of those of the world, the world-ly things become easier to do, sometimes its a test but why tempt your self. that's a hard concept for alot of people to grab ahold of. it took your big brother a LONG LONG LONG time to get it.


Drew's Journey Back said...

Hey Mike,

Hope your well! Good luck with job-I too am doing something that I'm way over qualified to do(hvac sales-my cousin owns a business). I sold medical implants for 10 years(hip and knee implants). It's just a job till you get healthy again. You are an inspiration to me-when I want to pack it in-I go on your website and read-and it brings my attitude to where it should be!
Hang in there bro,

Drew's Journey Back said...


Hope all is well!
Good luck with job!

Hang in there. I am well-going back to china november 4th! I am excited. Your blog is so inspirational and funny.
Keep in touch and fight this with all you have!
Drew-stamford,ct USA