Sunday, August 05, 2007

soo tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for yooouuuu (you meaning a job)

In deed, I am sick of waiting for a job to come to me. So, I have made this decision. Monday-Friday I will find a new place to fill out an application at. New day, new job application. Tomorrow I have my new place to fill out an application at. I don't want to give the name away cuz I can't take the possibility of someone else finding it before I do. ;-)

So, today I talked my mom into coming to my church. I couldn't get a ride from one of the usual rides, and I didn't want to go to my moms church, so she agreed to come to MY CHURCH. It was really fun, and we both enjoyed the sermon, and communion. Today we ended the 10 week sermon about the Dead Sea Rules. It was really good, I wish I could have been there for all 10 weeks, but now I am hooked, and have a drive to make it to church no matter what the outside reason. Church has to take top priority. It isn't something you do on Sunday, it is a life style choice, and I have a drive to make that true for me.


rileydster said...


Just catching up with your blogs. I saw your comments about jobs, church, young life, and your recent classrooom experiences.

I feel a need to share some of my experiences. When I was first married and what I now call a baby Christian I struggled with how I could not have fun anymore if I were a good church going Christian. Our minister asked my wife and I to host a young couples group at our house. Sometime during a game of pictionary it dawned on me that this one of the best parties I had attended in years and that I would awalen in the morning without a headache.

Nearly 25 years later I have no regrets about my choice of serving Jesus Christ. Last year my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was mad at God. We "talked" and I had to "listen".;&version=31;

Everyone has their own form of riches even the destitute. God calls us to dedicate all that we have to him, trust that he will take care of it and us. It is the most difficult thing we ever do. I found no rest nor peace until I said, "Lord, you will take care of Becky better than I ever can, may your will be done." She is one year from her cancer treatments and is doing well and has no trace of cancer currently. That does not mean that I will not have problems in the future or that I will not have tempatations and sin. It means that I know what that in the long run I trust all will be taken care of by someone stronger than me.

I have more fun on a daily basis than anyone has a right to expect. I occasionaly have a cool adult beverage with friends, family, and fellow Christians. I have a great wife and son, a good family and all that I need (not wants).

I don't know if I've recomended reading any C.S. Lewis to you but I recomend daily reading of the Bible first. When you have time aside from the Bible read C.S. Lewis. You probably read or saw the movie of the Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe but there are other. e-mail me if you want specific recomendations.

This is long and rambling but read the gospel, Luke 18, and think about giving all of yourself to Christ everyday.

God bless and we are praying for a job for you among other things. God answers every prayer but we will not understand all of the answers until it no longer matters.

Your cousin and brother in Christ, Dan

Mikey said...

Cousin Dan,

I didn't sense any rambling what so ever in your comment. I didn't read anything but wisdom. I know I have gotten E-Mails from you, and I swear that we have communicated through E-mail, but I can't find your address. I would like some reading recomendations. I have a horrible time reading. I have excellent reading skills, but I lose attention so quickly.