Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost Arizona TIME


Yes, it is true I only have 5 days left until I leave for Phoenix. I am pretty pumped and trusting that my friend Mike will have his boat in tip top shape for some good ole tubing and what not. It will be a blast whatever we do. Then on to the summer camp I have a chance to be a part of. WOW, I am so excited to see where God is going to take my spiritual walk. Or maybe I should say, WOW, I am so excited to see where God walks me. Something like that anyways.

Today at work I did quite a varied amount of things. My favorite was spraying for spiders around the perimeter of the church.I don't know why, but it was super fun walking around the church spraying this spider killer stuff. Did you know what this specific "spider spray" does not work on ants, but works amazingly well on spiders? I wonder why that would be. Seems like a spray that would make a spider shrivel up and die would do the same to an ant, but apparently not. It's the little things that always make me wonder........

When I got home I got to pet Casey a bit. Casey is a dog we are taking care of for some friends while they are in St. Louis for their kids graduation from his college. WAY TO GO AUSTIN!!! But on to Casey.
I really like Casey and have a pretty close relationship to her. When I was just a young lad I use to see Casey every day after school. When I first started going to Leo, I would have to ride the bus back to a friends house. Because when I first started going to Leo (my old middle/high school) I didn't live in the district. I would ride the bus home and stay at a friend of the family's house. Well, Casey is old now, I believe 14 human years old, and she has Lung Cancer. It is so sad to hear her get into a coughing fit. Poor pup, but I do have to admit, Casey has lived a good life, and she is a very loved doggy.

I have to share a video that was shared with me. It is about a man from down under who also has M/S, and is a trooper. I highly recommend everyone to watch this brilliant short film. It is super well made, and very touching. It is touching in a very real way. Words of wisdom in this one, just listen and watch with an open heart/mind.

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