Sunday, May 04, 2008

Go with the flow, let the music make you-You gotta go where the music takes you ~Ari Gold

~Important Prayer request~
Not that a "humble" prayer request can be more or less important to the Big Guy, but to my mother and aunts and uncles this may be (as well as me, i'm just not as closely connected to it). On Saturday morning (yesterday) my grandmother (mom's mom) fell out of her bed at night and hit her face/neck on her night stand. My grandma has an early stage of parkinson's disease and because of that disorder, she is on several medications to help with the tremors as well as other nasty effects. Well, these drugs cause her to have very real and vibrant dreams. In this one she said she remembered running and had to take a corner very quickly, when she took the corner in the dream, she did it physically in her bed. This caused her to fall right off her bed
and into her night stand. She is in the hospital because the fall jarred her neck so much it caused swelling in her upper spinal cord. Her hands and wrists have locked up, and she can not walk right now. She is in the hospital, and the doctors have decided to wait until Wednesday to see if the swelling will go down. If it has not subsided by Wednesday, they will go in for a surgery to try to relieve some of it manually. The her prognosis is unclear and it is very frightening to my Grandpa and her children. My grandpa is really struggling right now, and my prayer request is that he is calmed by the Holy Spirit. For my grandma of course God's will is of utmost importance. My request is that she be healed and return to her health before this incident. I will post her updates as they come.

What a great sermon today at Pathway. The new segment we are getting to is called
Extreme Makeover Family Edition and we had a guest speaker come and give the sermon today. A lot of the talk was directed towards couples and parents in families, but still a lot of good information to walk away with. He gave this one example that really stuck out in my mind. He told a story about when he was younger and his sister-in-law called and he picked up. She asked to talk to his dad, and continued to inform of some very devastating information. She called to say that his brother (his fathers son, her husband) had died in a plane crash. This speaker said one thing that really stuck out in my mind. He said he remembered his father saying on the phone to his sister-in-law, "well now is the time to really show our faith." This man was not a pastor, he was an engineer. BUT, he was a man of God, and a great father figure. That is what I seek, and strive for. I hope that story wasn't confusing with all the sister's brother mother, father's in-law (non-sense) what have you. :-) It was a great story and example of a Godly creating an opportunity to show the deep seeded love and trust of Christ we (believers) must all reach for.

I went back for tan time # 2 @ Club Tan. I am burnt......... I went for 8 minutes in the level 4 tanning bed. I think I should have stuck to the level 3 bed a little longer. BUT OHH WELL.

God is good, good is God. I want to leave this POST with a funny picture that my friend Scott sent me. I really got a crack out of it, hopefully along with all the others I forwarded it to.
These men are installing bollards to stop cars parking on the pavement
outside an Irish sports bar. They are cleaning up at the end of the day.

How long do you think it will be before they realize?

Collateral was also very good tonight. NIGHT!

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