Friday, May 02, 2008

I am so excited, I just can't hide it

I had a good day today. I worked at Pathway & then worked a little bit more, and then went home and decided I needed to get a "base tan" in the white areas of my body before I go off to Arizona, the land of much sun. So when I went to the bank to get some ca$h I asked my friend Lydia who just so happens to be a teller at my bank where a good place to go tanning would be. She said I needed to go to CLUB TAN, so I went.Club tan was a pretty HIP place. I had to have the girl at the front desk explain in great detail what exactly I needed to do to get a good base tan before I went off to Arizona. She explained it to me and I spent entirely too much money on a tan plan, and some tanning oil...which is apparently extremely important to the tanning process now a days. ;-) Then, I climbed into this thing that looked like it was out of the future. I use to go tanning when I was in High School, but I swear it never looked like this.I thought it was going to maybe rotate me and put me on a broil while I was in there. And besides the main stream Hip Hop music blairing in my ears, it was a pretty relaxing time. I look forward to it again on Sunday.

OK, so I get home and talk to my budy Mike who lives in Phoenix. He said he would pick me up from the camp and take me to the airport when I have to leave on the 13th, but he said that he wishes I could have come early so I could have stayed with him and Kaitlyn for a while. So I thought about it, and then made a phone call to American Air Lines. Budda Bing, Budda Boom! I am now leaving on the 20th instead of the 23rd so I can spend some time with Mike before I go off to the camp. It is going to be so sweet! We are going to go fishing on his boat, and just do cool hanging out stuff. The last time I got to see him was on New Years of 2007. Man, I love this guy, and I miss him like crazy too. It will be such a good time for me to get to see him.Mike is all the way to the left, and this picture was taken at the Hoover Dam. We always have so much fun when we are together. I can't wait till the 20th now. I mean I was already super duper pumped to go to this camp, and now I am super duper pumped to go see mike, then go to this amazing heart changing camp. This is going to be a supreme month. I am going to try to BLOG every amazing moment of it too. To have a hard copy of my memories is such a nice thing to have. Okie Dokie, I am off to beddy because tomorrow I have an early start and a long day of work. ohh SNAP, I am totally stoked!

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