Thursday, May 08, 2008


So I made it safe & sound to good ole Canton Ohio! It was a long drive, and I am an idiot when it comes to any kind of direction finding. If I have to use logic to make my way, I AM SCREWED! I was stubborn, and ran into some driving issues on the way. ughhh, I also ran out of battery on my phone, so my GPS was out! DO'OH!!!! I made it though, dag nabbit I MADE IT!

I got a chance to visit with Sara's roommate Amanda, and her close friend Jena. They seem like really solid friends, I would say she is lucky to have such close friends. Sara, and I went out for some very nice lunch at the Olive Garden. Then I was off to her campus to check out Walsh. It is a super nice University, and the campus is beautiful.
We went and saw the Bucket List at the local dollar theater. It was an extremely good movie, and of course.....I cried. I seem to cry more and more at movies. It wasn't really sappy or even all that sad, but things get to me easier now I suppose. When I say "now" I am not saying that there was a certain time when things like that didn't effect me on a deeper inner level, I just have a higher likelihood of showing that emotion outright these days.

It was really good to finally go see Sara. I have been promising her time and time again that I would make the treck, but because of my schedule and past car problems, I just was not able to make the trip. I AM SO GLAD I DID! Sara seems to be in a really good place, solid, trustworthy friends and a good apartment along with a job at Cheeseburger in Paradise seems to be a pretty good set up for an equally good College time.

The drive home was a lot less brutal. I got some directions that Sara said she would have taken, and followed them. They worked marvelously, and it is not a difficult drive at all. Silly high tech GPS! So because I was in such a good mood driving home, I decided to take some video footage. I just threw on some Techno and head knocked the WHOLE WAY HOME! Check it out...

So it was a good trip, well worth the craziness on the way up. Which by the way, I got so frustrated on the way up I took out a little anger out on my poor horn. I just hit it super hard until some of that inner frustration was let out. (it was late and I just wanted to stop driving) So I just beat the my horn doesn't work anymore. :-(

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