Friday, May 09, 2008

I updated

I had an appointment in Indianapolis at the Indiana Center for Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroimmunopathological Disorders, you almost need to take a breath after saying that one. But, I got a good bill of health. Well, the neurologist said that my physical exam went really well anyways. Nothing but smiles from this end!!! As soon as the appt. was over, I had to drive right back home and go to Snider (local high school I do some work with kids at). I picked up 3 guys. Daniel, Diarron and Cory. I took them to a little fund raiser so that they could start to build up some money towards Camp this summer!!! I was so stoked that they came out, they worked their butts off too. It was quite a sight to see.

I did a lot of driving again today. DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE. It is a good thing I love to drive so much, the only thing about driving is that it cost so much money. It is insane to pay $3.85 per gallon. When I stop to think about how much money it is going to be for my children to pay for a gallon of ga$, it just blows my mind!

The name of the fund raising game was MULCHING! It is a good thing I am quite familiar with this process. I got down and dirty.

When I got home I took a shower, and wanted nothing more than to eat some din din and lay down and watch some T.V. Well, that didn't exactly happen. I ended up going to pick my computer from A+ Computers (should be called D- Computers) and was not so happy with what they had done. My wireless network still does not work, and several things happened that just don't make any sense. I don't think they did what they told me they did. I will take it back first thing, to make sure they did what they told me they did. I am not paying $90.00 for nothing to be fixed. UGHHHHH, this infuriates me so much!

Then I went tanning, I am out of minutes now, and I am thinking it was a stupid idea to go to Club Tan. I am finding out now that there are so many better places to go to. I didn't get a good deal, and ohh well.

OKAY, so then I get home and get all fresh and clean. Then I get a phone call from my friend Alex Ehle and my other friend Andy Ehle. They want to know if I will join them to a party. It was strange because I had not done anything of the sort in SUCH A LONG TIME. I explained how tired I was and that I just wanted to stay in and get some rest. He thought I was making up excuses and so I told him..."Alex, if you guys come pick me up, i'll go." It ended up being a typical stupid party. Drinking, loud music, and beer pong. I was transformed back into a high school mind set and remembered I am doing a lot bigger and better things with my life now a days. I regretted going, but it was good to see some old time friends....who are all just the same.

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