Monday, May 05, 2008

I Went to work, studied, and changed oil

Yes, I was up at work 6:30 this morning. I threw some Fert on the grass and booked out of there at 10:30 on the dot to go to school and finish studying for the Final Exam in Psychology. I feel prepared and ready to go.

When I got done studying I went and got some Oil and a filter and waited for Tony (friend) to get home from work. When he did, he helped me change my oil and we ran into some problems. urghhh, the screw/bolt whatever was on the oil pan so tightly, it wouldn't come lose. Well, it got stripped and I had to run it to the last place that did my oil for me. I was kind of short with this guy on the phone, and when I went in, I said right away, "hey man, I am so sorry I got an attitude with you. That was wrong of me, and I was just frustrated and decided to take it out on you." He thanked me and assured me it was okay, then he worked on getting that BOLT off for 43 minutes. As soon as my car got jacked up, this lady and 3 gentlemen came in. We talked and enjoyed each other for a long time. It was neat.If you have ever seen the Jack Nicholson movie, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" well, these guys reminded me of some of the characters in that movie. They were all very sweet hearted and high functioning, but all had different degrees of personality disorders. The guy with the red and white striped shirt reminded me of Martini played by Danny DeVito. He was a sweet sounding man who always had a smile on his face. You can see a great clip HERE just go to the part playing at 2:38 (he steals a cigg) and; "if you have not seen the movie," you will understand what I am talking about. Anyways, it was so nice to hang out with those guys, and I felt blessed. I forgot all of their names, and where the lady was from. She goes to IPFW though, I think maybe it starts with a K...but I suck at remembering.

I FINALLY got everything taken care of, and got a new rim for only 20 buck$! I was pumped, because now my car doesn't vibrate like crazy when you get up to speed. YESSSS!!!!

I have my last/final exam in Psychology tomorrow 8:00AM, I feel ready for it.


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