Saturday, May 10, 2008

i'll tell you about my day

I GOT MY PSYCHOLOGY GRADE!! I got a B in my PSYCH class. Here are the results from my Final (last test).
Count: 87
Average: 57.5
Median: 64.0
Maximum: 100.0
Minimum: 0.0
Standard Deviation: 28.98
I ended up getting an 82% on that test, and I was happy to get it. It was pretty challenging, but I studied my butt off for it, so I deserved every bit of it! I can't wait actually for my summer class, I am totally in the "SCHOOL MODE."

So I slept in a bit today because I had not heard from John (boss). I ended up getting a call from him about 9:00, asking me if I had got his Text Message. It seems that sometimes I get his text messages, and other times I don't. Anywhoo, I went in about a quarter after 10 and worked my butt off!!!I worked with Ron today. Ron is a really great guy, and has a super good heart. We prepped the ground, and then threw some seed on it. I then took seven bales of hay and covered it all up. I should have taken a before and after picture, but I didn't. Take my word, I did a good job. I worked and worked until I was so tired I just had to go home. But, before I did, I was approached and spent some time talking to my favorite worker. We talked about life, and some of it's dealings. He told me that he was going to pray for me, I gave him a couple of requests. Then I told him the same. I was about to go on, and he said, "can we do it now?" I don't know why I didn't think of that in the first place. I put my arm around him and bowed my head. We prayed, and the sincerity in his voice was very calming. This guy and his wife are very good people.

I went home and all I really wanted to do was update my BLOG on my computer that is suppose to be working in tip top shape. Sadly, this is not the case. I am having all sorts of problems with my computer and it was driving me crazy!!! It is pathetic, but my life revolves around my computer. It just makes everything so much easier, and I enjoy it so much. I really know how to take advantage of my computer as well. You can make a lot happen through the WEB. There is tons of support, and all sorts of stuff. Anyways, the point I am trying to get at is I was about to lose it over something as stupid as a computer. I called my mom and she calmed me down a bit. Then, I went and prayed about it. I was hungry, so I went to Subway to get a meal. I was still kind of in a bad mood. I sat down next to these 2 girls. Well, I ended up talking with them and shooting the breeze. Then talking about life, and finally talking about a little bit of their lives. I explained that they were an answerer to prayer. They were without a doubt what raised my spirits and got my mind off of my stupid computer.They reminded me that everyone hurts. Everyone also has their own story. Everyone needs to be loved, and that a smile is a powerful tool. They reminded me that sometimes a smile can do so much more then words ever could. Their willingness to talk with me and share just a little tiny bit of their story really in deed made my night.

(listening to Babbylon II)
As a society I believe we are a quick fix kind of people. We want to be "all better" as soon as possible. We have a kind of McDonald's type thinking when it comes to our feelings and emotional health. If something horrible happens, it is so much easier to smoke some dope, drink some beer, have sex, lie, cheat, steal, or just be nasty. Emotions aren't something that can be "handled, dealt with, or controlled." They are a deep part of who we are. I learned that or maybe I was just reminded that you must express yourself and how you feel. It is so dangerous to just hold everything inside. SO DANGEROUS! The more you suppress, the more you depress. I want to learn how to teach people in a very clear and precise way that Jesus can help to manage those inner deep pains. He has taken my CRAP and allowed me to move beyond it in huge leaps and bounds. I am going to make my mom a Mothers day card, then do my devotional, and go to sleepy town. I will pray for Brittney & Amanda (girls I talked to).

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