Monday, May 19, 2008

I feel all orangy today

I promised my sister I would go and check out this car she wants to get today. She had to work and could not go see it her self. Her car is going to die real soon. Like maybe tomorrow even. ALSO, Orange is her favorite color! SWEEEETI packed for Arizona today, as you can see I suck at it and hate doing it. I have to just throw everything I want to take out on the floor and visualize what I want. ha ha ha, I do not enjoy doing this one little bit.But, eventually it looks like this and you let out a simple 'sigh' of relief. I am super excited to see my friend Mike and have an amazing experience at this Young Life camp. Pray that I keep an open heart and mind towards everything I am involved in. Pray that I use my personality towards my advantage and that I make everyone around me welcomed and appreciated. Pray that I am a sponge and that I just soak up so much. I am ready to go! The GPS in my phone says that the camp is 1,781 miles away. That is pretty far, my phone says it can get me there in 24 hours and 21 minutes (maybe with out ever stopping). I think that my phone might possibly be high on crack, but I suppose I don't really know. Seems quick though. I am fully looking forward to everything though. :-)

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