Tuesday, May 13, 2008

this is nuts

I hope this doesn't gross anyone out, but I would really like it if someone could explain in great detail just how exactly did this guy manager to do this "trick?"

Ohh I had a good day today. Worked nearly 12 hours. I was at work throwing fert @ 6:30AM, and didn't leave until 6:45PM. If it wouldn't have been for that 30 minute lunch, I would have been over the 12 hour mark.I must not have gotten close enough because you can hardly see the little geeselings or whatever they are called. Even though they are cute, they are NOT GOOD TO HAVE AROUND! They make a mess, crap all over everything, always come back, eat grass seed, eat fert, and are loud. There were 2 sets of geese, one couple had 4 little ones, the other had 6. I wonder how many will make it through the summer. I am impressed how well those little guys can swim already.

After work I went home, ate some food, and then went tanning. Stupid me wore a beater at work today and I have the perfect outline of my beater. That was just the thing I was trying to work out of my tan, and now it is back bigger and brighter than ever! AHHHHH! You just can't win sometimes. When I was coming back from the tanning bed, I saw this rocking hot rod!! CHECK IT OUT!Is that thing sweet or what? I can only make assumptions of what kind of brilliant mind thought something up so utterly amazing. ;-)


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