Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I drove, and drove, and drove, and drove

I hung out at Snider for lunch today, then after I went over to my friends house to make sure my COMM final was sent. It was a video final actually, pretty simple stuff. I just hope it was sent okay. eeesh. I hung out with Ryan a bit after and we tried to think of some lyrics to an upcoming song.

Then I played Tennis with my friend Zach. It was raining all day today, but that didn't stop us. It should have, but we played Tennis in the rain. It created a new type of challenge, you don't usually run into with the sport. It was fun, we were soaked.

Today was the last regular Young Life of the semester. We have one more on the 14th, but it is at the Wizzards game (Fort Wayne's baseball team). Immideatly following the game we are having a HUGE watter balloon fight. It is going to be amazing, I just hope we have good weather. I had much fun at the last club, and dipped out a little bit early so that I could make it to my friends house without being too incredibly late.

Sara is the one in the middle

So I drove, and drove, and drove. I listened to my GPS system in my phone, and well, let's just say that Verizon's system may be a little bit flawed. It works really good when you are in a city situation, but other than that, roads need to be updated and things of that sort. It took me like 5 1/2 hours to get there, and it shouldn't be more than a 3hr45min drive. What ev though. I made it happen. :-/

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