Sunday, May 11, 2008

loving you, loving me!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, mothers. I gave my mom a "unique" present this year for mum day; a speech. Ya see, I have so much to tell her and I decided I wouldn't be able to do the topic justice if I attempted to write it all out. So, I created a home made card, and in that card is a SPEECH by yours truly. When ever she wants it, all she has to do is present the outline to me and I will deliver to her a speech about why she is so important to me. She can use it whenever she wants, I just wonder when she will decide to have me present it, hummm...

After I got home from church, we (mom, dad, & I) went to see my grandmother (mom's mom) in the hospital. She sure did look pretty beat up.I could have gotten a closer picture and showed how black and blue her face is, but I just didn't feel like being disruptive. She is super down in spirits, and has 2 hair line fractures in her wrists. Even though my grandma is in sad spirits, she is still a clown of a grandma (she is actually a certified clown). She makes the nurses laugh with her vast knowledge of jokes and humorous personality. It sucks to see her in this state, but it is happening for a reason.

It was good for my mom to have me go with her to see my grandma. I love my mom so much, I would be one heck of a mess if I didn't have her in my life. She has instilled so much in me I am forever grateful. She is strong, and a woman of God. She demonstrates how to live a Godly life, and loves me unconditionally. She has stayed so close when I turned away from everything good. I owe my character to her, and love her so much. I am so thankful for my mom on this day. :-)

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