Monday, September 14, 2009

back at BSF and boy it sure feels good.

Now I did many, many things today, but I want to focus on what was most important to me. The thing that stood out to me today was me getting back into BSF. Ohh it felt so good. And looking back on the night getting back into BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) I can sincerely say that studying the word is the only thing that I really enjoy to learn about. It is the only thing I can study that makes any real sense. This year we are studying the Gospel of John. So tonight I met and got to meet my small group for the first time, then I got to hear the first lecture of the year. Boy it was good. Here are some of the key things I pulled from it.

**We gain knowledge of the Bible through study (that means actually spending time in the Bible other than listening to the pastor tell you on Sunday morning).
** We gain insight of the Bible through meditation (that means actually attempting to apply what you read and learn to every day life).

This next one I really really like. **The greatest cure to trouble in my life/our lives is to focus on Jesus. If you focus on the actual trouble all the time, you will be troubled. If you focus on Jesus all the time, he will infect your mood, attitude, thoughts, and actions. AND, there will my strength lie.

John 20:31 states the purpose of the book of John. It does so very precisely and doesn't mess around.

**What is the focus of my life?

I love that my notes are compiled of mostly questions. BSF calls them challenge questions, and I find that a well placed question is much more impacting and insightful than any amount of given knowledge. Sooo true.

Janice, I think of you more times through the day than I can count on my hands and feet put together. I am so thankful you are in my life, and it is made more clear to me each day why you are in my life. Such a motivating and good thing. Love you miss!

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