Saturday, September 26, 2009

loss of self

Through the words of an individual, I came across a thought that challenged me to think about something. What is it that allows an individual to bring out the best in people, situations, and themselves? Is it an innate ability to compose the optimistic points of view, or is it something different? Well, for those of you who know me best, of course I believe with all my heart that it is something different. I feel that the ability to look at something and see what "could be" and what "should be" is a trait given to those truly seeking for the Holy Spirit to do a great work in them. I feel that the more you seek for Christ to be real in your life, the more he will be. It is really an amazing and reciprocating relationship. I'm tired, and as soon as I get off the phone with Janice, I will be going to bed.


Anonymous said...

well i think it is just a quality some people have naturally and some people have the ability to develope it.. i don't think it has to pertain to any christlike thing in particular, it is indeed just a ability to make people see and appreciate what they have. as you know i believe you have a great ability to do that, and whether it is natural or something you have developed through your faith i don't know, but either way it is a very nice quality..

Mikey said...

I suppose time will tell. Time will tell all things, eventually. I just love the fact that I am so certain right now. But that is faith. Faith is a powerful thing, it is.