Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saeglópur (Crash Overdrive Remix) - Sigur Ros

This is Sigur Ros - Saeglópur (Crash Overdrive Remix). I have been listening to this song A LOT. I know it is strange, but I am totally into this song. I love everything about it. It is totally weird too, but I could care less. Strange though, for me, music has been something I am completely independent on. No one around me, except for my best friend Jared supports my odd music choices. I love it though. Really love it, I usually smile right in the beginning of this song because it is so intense. I love cranking the volume up and enjoying the heck out of it. By the way, you cannot enjoy it by only listening to the 30 sec. preview.
On more important note. TODAY WAS THE FIRST OFFICAL SUNDAY MORNING LIFELIGHT CHURCH!!! It was really good, and I am super proud to be a part of it. I can't wait to get a check again so I can give some money. Oh, and Nicky went with me. It was so cool to see God working in him. God was doing all kinds of crazy things to really make him think. Nick is in the picture, lower right corner. I hope he keeps coming back with me. But if he doesn't, I hope that God stirrs in his heart in a big and changing way.

I wrote a paper for class. . . but ended up not reading a bunch of stuff I should have.

Then I hung out with Young Life kids. I have so much that needs to get accomplished tomorrow, I should be pretty stressed, but I am trying hard not to.

I am hurting, physically. Guess where? Yea, that is where. I need to go to bed and hope that this pain will stop. . . . . I will go to the Urologist as soon as I can get an appointment tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

just took some time and took a little surf through your history of blogs and our "unique" blog relationship.. some of these posts seem like just last week and they are two years ago.. wow you have changed in so many ways, yet stayed the same in so many others.. what fun to follow your life and get you to allow me to comment, sometimes in a bad way, to your life and decisions.. glad my life isn't out there for the whole world to see, haha.. sincerely mikey, thank you.. i don't agree with all your thoughts and opinions, as you don't mine, but it has been fun following you and i hope you continue and will allow me to follow.. thanks kid, you are a upfront kinda guy and you gotta admire that in a person.. that bright light you see is your future..

Mikey said...

wow, incredibly uplifting and encouraging words. It doesn't do justice, but thank you, thank you, thank you!!