Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today is for YESTERDAY

Because I was so tired yesterday, as soon as I got home and took a defeating shower I went right to sleep. I didn't pass go, I didn't collect $20, I PASSED OUT! But, Yesterday was awesome, and I have tons of sweet pictures, so here is the "MAKE UP BLOG."

Well, I am back baby! Back in the good'ole halls of Snider High School! It feels really good to be able to connect with kids again in this specific way. I love being in that school and around all those kids. I just get filled with joy every time. The vibe I was getting was that kids were READY to get back into Young Life!!

Our first Young Life Club was crazy. The kids definately came ready to have a lot of fun. This was much appreciated because the leaders were ready to give it to um. I am just going to throw some pictures of the night and let them tell their own story.

Don't wanna forget about the slip & slide.
We had two huge tarps full of Cool Whip. Yummy!
The girls loved it!
The guys loved it!
And don't let my face fool you, I LOVED IT TOO!!
Here is how it works. You get messy, you stand in line like cattle and get sprayed down (you gotta be wet to go really far), and then you SLIP & SLIDE!

Number 1 reason why I loved Young Life Club today. We present the message of Jesus Christ while directly having shloads of fun. I love how they can work together. The Holy Spirit was in that place in a big way tonight!

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