Monday, September 07, 2009

music, phone, and Janice

One of my favorite songs right now is by an Icelandic post-rock band called Seaglopur. The band is called Sigur Ros and I appreciate them for their melodic, classical, and minimalist elements. The band is known for its ethereal sound and lead singer Jonsi Birgisson's falsetto voice (WikiPedia). If you would like to give this song a listen, I really challenge you to try to find it. Maybe you could find it on YouTube, but I know for sure you can listen to it on You just have to have an account with them to take advantage of their free music. The song is POWERFUL, it pulls me in as I listen, and I can feel the guys emotion as I listen. I have no idea what he is singing about, but I can feel the intensity in the music and his voice. The song is really a journey. Love that stuff.

Also, I believe I have found the new phone I will be getting here pretty soon. As of September 19th, I will be able to get. . . . .
the Verizon Touch Diamond for free. Good ole new every two, THANKS VERIZON!! It will do good to keep me connected with Janice, and I won't have to worry about it shutting down whenever it feels like it.

Today was a very ehh sort of day. Not a whole lot of motivation to do anything else except study some Spanish and little things here and there. That's alright though. Janice went to the beach today. Said it was sunny, around 80, and a nice breeze. It was rainy, not 80, and yucky Indiana weather here. Hummmm. . . . . . .

But anyways, this is where God has me, and you better bet i'm gonna make the best out of it and then some. I am getting the "itch" for Young Life to get up and running again. It's gonna be a sweet thing.

I miss you tons Janice! I'm so glad you had an AWESOME time at the beach. ;-) Sooner or later we will be able to enjoy it together. LOVE YOU!!

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