Friday, September 25, 2009

i'm getting sick. .

I went to the Urologist today. Everything is back to normal says Dr. Irven, and that is really good. He gave me a couple of explanations as to why the pain happened the way it did, but I dunno. It is what it is, and he said to not worry about it. So I won't.
I am for sure getting sick, and that sucks. I am going to sleep in tomorrow, and get some much needed R&R. I went to the football game today.
I had a lot of fun being really loud and hanging out with my H/S friends. Good time, and a lot of fun for all involved. I re-connected with some kids from last year, and all is well.
Even though I am truly getting sick, I still went to Nicky's house after the game and spent some time with him and Jaccob playing the new Beatles Rock Band. Let's just say I am getting better at it, but for sure not a pro. Again, I am feeling very under the weather, so I am off to zzzZZZZZ land.

The lesson for the day is, "It is all about the small steps, it is troubling to get hung up on the things in life that trip us up. We must focus on what we are accomplishing and not dwell on what we have not been perfect at." -Inspired by Janice Hernandez.

Love you miss!

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