Thursday, September 10, 2009

I came into my own

As I walked out of my Religion and Culture class, I had this emptying of all things burdensome. That is not to say I was in grief prior to class, but when I walked out of there, I just had this appealing view towards life and people. In the class we watched a video about Sigmund Freud and all his views vs. C.S. Lewis and all that he represents. It was a PBS special, and if you are ever interested in it, you can watch it at this site it was really good, but I still feel that was not what created this inner drive to impact others. Maybe it was the check out lady who got my debit card at the book store to work so I could purchase my flash cards (she was so kind and very smiley and fun). Or maybe it was the two Hindu gentlemen in the bathroom that I over heard speaking about life .One of them spoke about his uncle’s advice he mentioned that his uncle said, “enjoy life now!” His friend asked him, “What do you mean?” To which he replied, “You have to have fun right now because in the end you just die, and that will be that.” Or maybe it was the girl who recripircated my gesture of opening the door for another and did it for me. As I walked to the library I just simply asked her, “How are ya?” It took her a while, but she finally said, “are you talking to me?” I said, “Yeah.” She said, “Ohh well I suppose it has been alright.” And we talked about life and people as we both grew nearer and nearer to our locations. Everything was feeling so natural, every person I approached I had this fluidity to speak to them, to make them feel comfortable, while I felt comfortable myself. It was really awesome. It felt so innate. It was a confidence I couldn’t give myself, this much I know. It felt like puzzle pieces were just fitting themselves into place on their own. People need to be loved. Love is the ultimate tool in spreading the message of Christ. It was so obvious.

Dang God is good. We discussed an ideology in Religion & Culture class today. C.S. Lewis was quoted saying, "The fact that humans have a conscious points directly to there being a God who loves and cares for us." I agree with that in a big way. The fact that people have an innate drive to do what is drive, from a biological perspective says that something much bigger than us is at work in life. It is when HUMANS decide to go against that inner conscious that things start to fall apart. It is not "God allowing atrosities to happen, it is humans forcing them to come into existance." If we all kept to the MASTER PLAN, wow would life be so much easier. But we are pretty friggin selfish and we have EGO'S the size of Mt. Everest.

God is sooo good though. I am a friend of GOD!!

Janice, you are doing so good missy. Keep your eyes focused on our Heavenly Father for all your needs. Don't be afraid to call on him in ALL SITUATIONS!! Baby girl, I am so proud of you, and you have come a long way. God is not done doing a great work in you. Hold tight, and trust in Him always. :o)


Janice said...

Why thank you love! I'm doing my best out here.

Anonymous said...

tread carefully and don't get too preachy toward your gal.. could start to offend her with you condecending comments... she has a mind too i am sure

Mikey said...

no comment