Sunday, September 06, 2009

LifeLight & birthday

If the print is too small to read, sorry, I don't know how to make it bigger. I just got a new web-browser. . .

Lifelight Church, or "Dave church," as I have referred to it so many times as, is officially starting Sunday morning services on September 13th. It is our "officially official" starting day. I am super excited, and if any of you are curious what it is all about, well I really challenge you to come and check it out. I have called it my church for some time now, but I get to enjoy it on Sunday mornings and that is really exciting for me. We will be meeting in a building that use to be the Fuzion Salon. If you want a picture of the place we will be meeting, go to my archive and click on the (May 1st, 2009) post, and you will see a picture of where we meet.

My amazing Grandmother and Grandfather. They are really something very awesome in my family. We are not a perfect family, and we do have our faults and failures. We have our addictions and our black sheep. But the one thing that resounds above all else is the love that trickles down from high above. First from God, then to the creators of our moms and uncles and so on. My grandparents have given a lot to this family. And today, on my Grandpa's 80th Birthday, we celebrated that. In a big way too.
80 years old is really getting up there. And my oh my how he (Carl, my grandfather) has made good use of his time. My G'Pa took over for his brother so many years ago. He married my grandmother after she had already had 5 children with Carl's brother. My grandpa married her anyways, and loved those children as best he could. He also had two more children with my grandmother. The man is a hard worker, and he loves the lord. Two great characteristics in a man. There was magic shows and awesome food. But, the best time in my opinion came when everyone got an opportunity to share a little bit with Grandpa and everyone about what they remembered, be it a story, or just a thanks for something he has done or how he had impacted us. I believe it really touched him in a deep way. That man has done so much just for me alone. I am deeply moved by him and my grandma. He really loved the new LCD flat screen HD t.v. his kids got him too. ;o) It was a good day.

Many of my family members asked me about Janice today. I was very proud to tell them about her and share her pictures with them. It feels good to share Janice with people who have known me for so long. It's a very good thing to be so proud of someone. I am really tired, it is time to go to bed. Tomorrow I must study study study.


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