Friday, September 11, 2009

pain. . . the bad kind

Okay, long story short. This summer when I was in Arizona, I hurt my testicles. I know that is not something I should talk about, but it is the truth. I lifted a rock that was way way too heavy. It was not hernia, and I thought the pain would go away. It did not. Lately it has been hurting again, and when it hurts, it hurts REALLY BAD! I was going to, of course, ignore it for "just one more week." When I told Janice that it was no big deal, she made me promise her that I would go and get it checked out. So I did just that. I went to RediMed and had it checked out. It was a little awkyard at first, but hey we are all adults. . . for the most part anyways.
Turns out it was a really good thing I went. I still don't have hernia, and that is good. BUT, they did find blood in my urine, and that is not so good. I will get an ultrasound, but the physican at the clinic was pretty dumbfounded. He was pretty darn sure it was not something serious, because testicular cancer is not painful, and this is really painful. So, I will see a urologist soon, and just see what is going on. :o) That is my post, sorry if it was kind of vulger, sometimes life is just that way.

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