Saturday, September 05, 2009

I got an update for ya's

It has been a while, I definitely haven't blogged for a couple of days. Well, some things that have happened. To start off with, I got a Spanish tutor. I found her on CraigsList. Luckily, she has not tried to kill me yet, so I am comfortable with that whole part. I feel like she is really good for me because she is super patient, and has tons of super good tips on how to remember things. I know one thing that has been in my mind constantly, with no let up. Janice, the more time goes by, the more I fall for her. I miss her so much, and love to just hear her voice. Keeping God the central point in our relationship is something we both strive for, at times it is difficult because it is so easy to make someone you super care for an idol, but we do good to keep everything in check, and I feel really good about that.
I am so crazy about her though. Truly a blessing from God. And the fact that she is from L.A., well it's not scary anymore. In fact, it has become a blessing for me personally. Difficult? YES!! But, I see all the positive things that come out of it. First and foremost is the fact that we both have to grow with God on our own. I love this girl though. I really do. I am crazy about every part of her. She never get's to see it to the fullest extent, but I am just at peace when I talk with her. Usually when we talk on the phone, I have the biggest grin on my face. I have been working for the YMCA pretty consistently here this week. And I will continue to do so next week. I am subbing for them, and so for right now I am subbing at two different sites. That means two different groups of kids. Some of which are crazy. Some of which may have some serious instability and love to tell you to shut up and wouldn't listen to you to save their soul. I have on several occasions said to myself, "I don't paid enough to deal with this," but I keep moving forward with as much patience as I can manage to have. I got to spend some time with Nicky today, and will be continuing to do so here as the days keep moving forward.

My health is good, and my parents are good, and I am still in Spanish. I haven't gone completely insane because of the stress it puts on me. In fact I am learning how to deal with it. BSF starts up soon, and I can't wait for that. BSF is awesome, because I feel like I really grow the most in Christ when I am in and at it. That is when it is the most bright to me. I have been seeing a lot of really sweet clouds lately. I really appreciate the beauty of some clouds. Also, I am still reading through 1 Samuel, and it is a great book. . . a lot like all the other books in the Bible (great that is).

So. . . When I make an idiot of myself, I really go all out. Today proved that point in a big way. Okay, so a little background story. I went in town to go to a party. It was a party that I went to last year that my old professor Tom puts on. He does it for past students, even students that he had when he was a high school teacher. So people from all walks of life are there. Of course, I am the youngest, but these people are quality, and Tom is the man, so it is a super fun atmosphere to talk about God and to just share life together. I showed up at his house and no other cars were there. . . . "hummmmm," I thought. I checked my phone, and it turns out it is not till the 19th. NOT FOR TWO MORE WEEKS!! Ohh well, I was close to Nicky's (my best friends brother) house, so I thought I would go and spend some time with him, ya know see how he is doing and how Snider high school is treating him. When I got over there, his dad Ted asked me if I would be interested in putting something together for him. After talking for a bit, I said sure i'll put that contraption together for ya at my house. He gave me $20 to do it and so I called George and put it together. It is some vertical upriser thingy that is supposed to straighten out your back. You can see it on late night infomercials. George and I had a heck of a time putting it together. I had Janice on SKYPE with us through most of the assembly part too. She really wanted to see me try it out, so I got it together and well. . . I was not very careful, and as I was leaning back for the very first time I smashed the foot part of it into my moms lamp. It made the lamp fall towards the computer (luckily it didn't hit it) and smashed into a million pieces. I was stuck in the machine, George was laughing hysterically, and Janice along with her roommate Vicky watched on the web-cam from across the country. It was really a horribly funny situation. It was like something you would watch on a late night BBC sketch. It was very funny, but I destroyed my moms lamp. And I'm sorry about that mom. :o) Thanks for reading,



Anonymous said...

love that comment about the kids.. been there done know your comments about janice kinda leave me confused... you are allowed and entitled by God to find and love someone else and make them a priority in your life ALONG with God.. God knows you have good intentions and really love this girl, you don't need to prove anything to Him as it concerns janice... Lighten up a bit and let yourself enjoy life and your growing relationship with janice.. you owe both of you that much.. don't stress, just enjoy

Mikey said...

It's tricky though because I know that God must be made the priority in our relationship. If I put Janice first, then she becomes my idol. In order for Janice and I to have a relationship that is completely satisfying (and I know all relationships have hiccups), then Christ must be put first. And that is something that I have to constantly remind myself of. I have had enough failed relationships that have taught me to put Christ first in everything. So it isn't necessarily a "stress," but it is something I have to diligently approach all the time. I’m not trying to prove anything to God, I am just simply reminding myself and Janice what priority numero uno is.

Anonymous said...

well i understand your position.. just wish you could enjoy this relationship more and not fret over the details so much. but i know you know best, so follow your instincts and your heart.. p.s. your grandpa sounds like a straight up good man and happy 80th bday to him... thanks again for responding