Monday, September 21, 2009

a good Monday

Today started with I guess my first official Student Staff meeting. One of many to come of course. It was with my Area Director (AD), Josh to the right, and fellow friend and other student staffer Ryan to the left. We talked about all things ministry. It was really healthy, and super good.
Then something amazingly good happened today. I mean really, really, really good. I was at the "study table" with my Spanish Prof, and I totally asked her out of no where, "do you think it is to late for me to transfer into a lower level Spanish class?" She said, "Go to the Spanish office, and tell them I sent you." BAM!! It happened, God hooked me up with a new Spanish S111 class, and all of a sudden I am TOP DOG instead of the class re re. I go to an elementary school on the South side of town. Lindley for my local peeps following. Janice said this, "Talk about going back to the basics." And I agree with her. ;o) To end my day, I got to relax a little bit. Back to BSF. First week of answering questions. I LOVE SHARING and hearing other guys share their hearts. It is so good for me. I took so many good notes, but this week they are for me.

I was in some pretty intense prayer today. But, really peaceful, I was surrounded by God's hand and I could really feel his protection over me. It is amazing how God can protect your heart. It is amazing how he can really seperate you from the things that are the most important to you on Earth, because it is what is best for your mind and emotions. Craziness though

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