Friday, September 18, 2009

new phone & Putt-Putt

Well, I changed my mind on the phone. I ended up getting the LG Envy Touch. This is a big upgrade for me. I have the original LG Envy CRAP, and so I am stoked to see what this new fangled electronic doo hicky is all about. Check it out. . .
Thank you VERIZON and your NEW every TWO plan. You make me so happy. :o)

Ya know who else makes me really happy? God. And you know who else makes me happy after God? Janice!! Janice, I was so excited when you gave me that news today. It really was just a huge answer to prayer. Something I just got goose bumps over. I love you miss. And I am just super excited when I think about you.

I had a lot of fun. We (Jared, Nicky, Derrick, and Dan) went Putt-Putt golfing. Check out the pictures, then i'm going to bed.
Putt-Putt was so much fun. There was even a huge volcano that spit out MASSIVE fire. I captured it on my phone, but the picture is INTENSE!! Now if that is not the most HEFTY fake volcano fire blast you have ever seen, well I don't know what to tell you!!

I hope you had so so so much fun tonight Janice. Can't wait to talk to you when I get back from this retreat thingy. LOVE YA!


Anonymous said...

well i just got a env3 from verizon and i love it... would really enjoy being able to hook up and text you personally if you have any interest.. i'm a verizon guy too for good or bad

Mikey said...

Hey, I am a texting fiend. I'd be more than happy to communicate via text. If you wanna send me your E-Mail, I will e-mail you my phone number.

Mikey said...