Monday, September 28, 2009

Until further notice

I will not be BLOGGING about my life, and my journey for a while. How long? Well, I just don't know. It does not depend on me. I will however tell you this. You'd better believe I will continue to move forward in Christ. I will strive to be a man of God in all the things I do and all the people I interact with.

God is more real to me now, then he has ever been before in my life. I have such a clear picture for why I exist, and what a comforting feeling that is.

I will continue to grow and flourish in Christ. I have all the more motivation to do so. And don't get me wrong, I love BLOGGING with a passion. I do, this post is my 955th post, but until it is time for me to start up again, I must stay away. The power of persuasion is far to strong, and i need to let God do his work.

If you care enough to understand, please write me and E-Mail at or call/text me at (260)433-1432 and I'll keep you informed. I promise I will be blogging again, but for now, I must take a break . Don't bother commenting on this POST because it will be weeks or months, or maybe longer before I will check it again.

GOD BLESS YOU READERS! Thank you so much for taking an interest in my life. I'll be back.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to see ya go