Thursday, October 01, 2009


That was short lived, and a good thing too because my fingers were getting kind of itchy, and I was already getting tired of not writing out my life for all to see. So, here it is.

Today was real good. It started off by me getting up early enough to go to Snider High School and welcoming kids as they entered the school. I went with my fellow YL leader Ben. Well, we did not pass out donuts this time, but I found that showing up and trying our best to just love on kids is a great way to impact a school. To just love um; holding the door open for them as they walk into school, complimenting them on their colorful socks, a good pat on the back, telling them good morning in multiple languages. It all gets the job done.

Well, after school had started I mosied on home. I was super tired due to lack of sleep, and so I went home, skipped my Applied Leadership class, and slept on the couch. It was WONDERFUL! I made it to my Religion & Culture class, and after that, I met up with Ben again and we went and saw Food, Inc. at the local independent theater. Ben get's in free and can bring one guest for free because of where he works. I can say this much, I WILL NEVER EAT A MASS PRODUCED CHICKEN SANDWICH EVER AGAIN!

After that I went back to school to the 24/7 student study lab.
Well, something "unique" happened while I was there. Ya see, I wasn't getting too much work done, mainly because I have the attention span of a gold fish. Well, when I was about to pack things up and head on home, a gentlemen approached me. He had a thick accent, and some broken English. I did my best to listen, and understood that he wondered if I would help him do his online math homework. He was from Ivy Tech, and I am still not sure why he was in IPFW's study room, but I didn't care. I was happy to help him, and we got a lot accomplished. We talked a bit too, and on Saturday I am going to go over to his apartment and give him a lesson on how to use his lap top. His name was Brooks Quaye. Brooks is a really good guy, who is doing his best to provide for his family and move ahead in life. I really respect that and want to be able to help him in his journey. It was for sure God's hand bringing us together. I was just impressed at his boldness in approaching me. Pretty cool stuff.


Janice said...

Thats awesome babe.

Anonymous said...

glad your back.. everyone needs a outlet for their thoughts and this is yours.. would have hated to see you lose it.. good luck to you and janice both.. special people both