Friday, October 30, 2009

leaves, video, lamda lamda lamda

The lamda, lamda, lamda has nothing to do with my day today. BUT, the leaves and video most definitely do. I went to Geology class, and then I ended up going to Kelly Chevrolet to get an oil change for the Camry. . . my new car. That is still strange for me to say. It is a nice car compared to what I am use to driving. Kelly Chevy has a good oil change for exactly $14.95, it is a really good deal.
After doing some of this and very little of that. I went to Snider and hung out with kids as they left the school. Then, I went over to Austin's house and we started raking leaves. . . in the rain, but we got um done. Skyler ended up coming over pretty quick, and the job went a lot faster.
Also, there was some really great conversation. I love me some good conversation.

After the raking was done, well we went to go to some filming all over Fort Wayne. It was amazing.
I took this picture when we were on a bus, filming part of the video we were making. We had a lot of fun. Yes we did. It was a good day today. I miss Janice like crazy. 50 days until I get to see her. 50 days can not come soon enough. I love that girl. I do indeed.

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