Thursday, October 08, 2009

I want slow easy to hit pitches

I had a mini-discussion today about life being compared to a pitch. More or less the activity required once the ball is thrown and your interaction with it. Now, at times life (the pitcher) throws you a pitch that is fast, and off target. Heck, sometimes it may veer off target and even hit you in the groin. But we like it when we get nice slow pitches. Ya know, a beautiful day with family at the park where everyone gets along and enjoys each other's company. These are the pitches we "metaphorically" hit out of the park, and consider the day/week/month a good month. But what happens when we do get a crappy pitch? I had to ask myself this question tonight. How do I react to crappy pitches? Do I get up quickly, realize that the pitcher isn't perfect, and try my best to swing again? Or, do I moan and sulk, and make things worse for myself? Humm, the challenge has been set fourth. I know what my goal is. Attaining it is the hard part.


I studied Ser & Estar for like 1.5 hours straight at the library. This shouldn't be that hard. WHY IS SPANISH SO HARD FOR ME? I want to learn it, I want to be able to remember things. But, for whatever reason, I can not remember even the simple things. I wish I knew how to study this stuff. Flash cards. . . no. Online quizing. . . no I am running out of ideas. I found this picture today. I really liked it. So, naturally I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy it, hate it, or feel nothing about it. But do please look at it.

I slept for 11 hours last night. I went to bed at 10pm and did not wake up until 9:00am. Let me tell you, I couldn't believe my body let me sleep that long. BUT, I felt so good. I never sleep like that. My body must have really needed it. Speaking of sleep. I think I will get some right now.

God is good. So good. Even when life nails you in the groin with a fast ball.


Janice said...

Life is good even when you dont get hit in the groin and your groin hurts anyway!!

Anonymous said...

hey mikey it was nice to have that baseball analogy interaction with you.. your point on how to handle it is great and well spoken.. we all hope we handle bad pitches in a good way.. but, and i know you have been there too, sometimes you just don't know why you keep getting hit by pitches, when all you want is a good soft strike pitch occasionally. as for me, i will grab a bigger bat, focus on the next pitch harder, and swing at that next fastball and hit it out of the park, even if i can't make it around the bases without oxygen haha.. have a good weekend