Friday, October 16, 2009

A lot flowing through this mind

Today was packed, it really was. I woke up around 8AM. I got something to eat, then laid on the couch, and I think I passed out till 9:15 where I woke up, washed face, and headed to class. Geology was okay, Glaciers are actually pretty interesting, I am actually going to be able to take the content of this class and apply it to real life. But anyways, I don't want to talk about class anymore. There are much more important things to talk about. Like SWIMMING. Okay, look at this picture of a man swimming, then just think about swimming, then read what else I have to say.
I have been running a lot at the YMCA as of late. I sort of like the running for some sick reason. BUT, it has been really hurting my lower back. I have the completely wrong shoes, and no money to buy running shoes. So, when I ran into my friend James the other day at the Y, he told me that I should swim until I get the whole shoes/running thing figured out. And that is exactly what I did. I swam, and I sucked at it. It is a lot harder to swim laps than I ever thought it would/could be. I talked to a guy in the hot tub. Conversation started off slow, then it lead to God. It is funny how that seems to always happen to me. . . Then, when I got into the Sauna (i'm becoming a sauna addict) I talked to another guy about my walk, life, testimony, etc. It seems that people really want to be able to discuss this whole "eternal significance" topic, but are usually too afraid to approach the subject on their own. Just something I have been noticing.
After I left the YMCA, I went directly to Maplewood, where I would be doing childcare from 3-6. I got there early, like maybe 2:00, so I did my BSF and then talked with Janice a bit. Janice is doing BSF in California, and it is so amazingly good that we can talk about it. She is so smart. I am constantly taken by her depth. Usually the pretty ones don't go very deep, but with Janice, you get the amazing physical traits as well as the amazing Spiritual, personal, AND emotional. I am constantly amazed at the woman God has given me.

While I was at work, I got a text message from Nick asking if I wanted to go see Where the Wild Things Are. Of course I did, so then I headed over to Nick's house, and I took Nick and Jaccob to the theater. We all had a good time, then I took them out for pizza. Great movie, awesome pizza, and even better conversation. Ya see, Jaccob is living with Nick, and after we stopped by his house, I understand now. I understand why he had to get away from his home. I really respect that kid. 19 years old, and trying so hard to make a difference in his life. He and Nick are going to church with me again too on Sunday. That's good too. Really good.

There is another kid from Snider who I get the chance to hang out with tomorrow. That will be sweet, and God has totally done everything there to make it happen.

And one last thing. This may sound strange, but God keeps putting it on my heart. I'm just going to say it. I keep having it put on my heart to read scripture. Not to myself, but to just plant myself in a place, and read scripture out loud. The places where I keep getting convicted the most are at bars and clubs. . . . This is a very strange feeling to me, mostly because I never understood why people did that. I always had such a jaded view towards people who did that, and I guess I never fully understood their reasoning, or what it actually accomplished. I have a friend who would do it with me though, so I think it might be time to give him a call. It's true though, I know I am being convicted of it. It has been happening for a couple of weeks now. And I do not want to ignore something like that.

What a good day. G'NIGHT!!

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Anonymous said...

well just a thought, but maybe if you didnt spend all your money on movies, pizza, etc you would have money for shoes.... as for your need to go preach at bars and clubs, good luck.. that won't work out to well.. people know where to go to find God, they don't want people to come preaching to them on their turf.. not even a really noble idea, just don't make sense