Friday, October 09, 2009

A day worth noticing.

I went to school. It was extremely wet and rainy. Indiana weather sucks. . . . I wonder what it was like in L.A. today. . . . . Anyways, after I got out of Geology which by the way I got an 80% on my second exam. . . I know I could have done better. Well, after class I had to go and do an interview with a fellow class mate for my Applied Leadership class. Here is the lady who Dean (fellow class mate) and I interviewed. Judy was her name, and she was one of Dean's past bosses. I know that is a bad picture, but I was trying to be undercover when I took it so I had to settle for a picture that was not up close and personal.

After that interview, which by the way was actually pretty fun. It was fun to be asking the important questions. And Judy was very professional about answering them.

Then I went over to my friend Wes's house. I use to go to Wes's house all the time when I was younger. It was not this house, it was a different house at the time. But, still the same feel. I thought this was a funny picture because Wes was rocking out with his younger, although not youngest brother Christ on some Beatles guitar hero. One of the real reasons Wes wanted to invite me over was to introduce me to his two new dogs. Two new 4 month old bull dogs. Pretty frickin cute! Then we went off and got some coffee. Well, I got some hot cider, I think Wes got the coffee. I don't know why Wes had such a goofey look when I took this picture. But we had some real good conversation about life and God and what have you. He is going to look into BSF too because he has a lot of time on his hands. Long day tomorrow. I have to go to sleep.

I also had a very good conversation with my friend Mike Gann from Arizona. We talked about life and this and that, and Janice, and Kaitlyn (his g/f) and God, and that, and this and I love conversation. I love it a whole lot. More than conversation, well I really like HONESTY! Darn do I like honesty.


Janice said...

Weather in LA was wonderful as usual. Probably in the 80s with a cool breeze. It was just right. I miss you soo much! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

you know the weather has sucked here for the last couple weeks, BUT, theres something to be said for a change in seasons which results in a change in moods and mind sets. its all good, will take the midwest weather swings over the vanilla weather of the left coast anytime..