Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tickets & talk

Today I bought my tickets to go out to see Janice in California for Christmas and New Years. It is going to be an amazing experience, one that I am going to have to be very careful about. But, I am so excited.

My mom and I talked this evening about it. We talked about the topics that are going to be very difficult for Janice and I. We talked about how purity is going to have to be essential, something that Janice and I are completely aware of, BUT, my mom and I talked about the specific things that must happen and not happen. In order for me to fully respect Janice and Christ in our relationship. I must make some big decisions, even if it may seem a little bit "overdone." I am going to have to be dedicated to doing whatever it takes to do what is best for our relationship. And that is that. Time to put my actions where my heart is (similar to putting money where mouth is). I want to glorify Christ in everything that I do. ESPECIALLY in my relationship with Janice.

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Anonymous said...

i would say "overdone" is a bit of a understatement.. seems to be a classic case of "putting the cart before the horse"... you don't know what will happen and what feelings will emerge as your visit go's on... you seem so scripted in this relationship that the spontaneity and fun take the back seat.. God wants you to seek companionship and love from another human, and to do so is not a "sin" against God.. my gosh a relationship and young love is supposed to be fun and adventurous not a test that you are afraid to fail.. good luck