Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am trying to listen, I know I don't allow things to be simple. I can only do what I know though. Right? Should I ignore what I know? Should trust happen on Earth even when it makes no sense? If you have nothing to lose, but the posibility of gaining something, why wouldn't you want to try. What is trust? The Oxford Dictionary defines it as such. . . "1.) a firm belief in the reliability of a person or thing. 2.) the state of being relied on. 3.) a thing or person committed to one's care." Okay, so if by definition you are deciding to trust someone, is it really trust if you only trust partially? If you trust only when it is comfortable, is that really trust?? Maybe it is better to express that you don't trust, than to trust only partially. These are of course my ramblings at early stage. I will put some more thoughts into it.


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