Wednesday, October 07, 2009

stupid decision Matt. . .

Today was a real good day. There were, at times some self control issues, but all in all it was gooood. Matt (my cousin) moved out today. He got a mobile home next to his dumbass friend Richie. This is something difficult for me to swallow. He has come so far, and I can see he is more than ready to screw everything up. Not only is he ready, but he is well on his way. Makes me about sick. He didn't even have enough respect to say goodbye to me or talk to me like I had asked him too. I'm so angry, it's just not good.

But Janice is amazing, and she said she liked BSF pretty good. That excites me a whole lot.

I know God is still in control of Matt's situation. . . .I can't get over this bitterness. I do not have much Grace for the guy. . . . . i'm going to bed.


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Janice said...

Thanks for the random photo babe!