Thursday, October 22, 2009

it's nothing, really. . .

This is the spot I go to at Snider on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. Sometimes both. I got and hold the doors for the kids as they walk into school. Me and another leader named Ben. I love going with him, and I love even more to interact with him. I know God has me in this position with Young Life. I love what He is doing with and through me. When I say "position" I mean Student Staff. That is my official title with Young Life. There comes frustration with that position though. But. . . . . the issue with that all comes down to trust. It really does, and I have to deal with that. . . . . Okay, moving on now. The TREE's! Indiana is so beautiful this time of year. I mean, I can literally stare at a maple or any other beautiful tree for extended periods of time. Just staring and staring at their beauty. I was walking on campus today. I saw a fellow university student holding a rather large maple leaf in her hand. It was golden orange. She was just standing perfectly still staring closely at the lines in the leaf. I smiled at her and said, "the beauty kind of get's you huh?" She just kind of smiled and nodded at me as I walked past.

I am just going to try to go to bed after HOUSE. I really hope I can sleep well tonight. I have been working out at the YMCA a lot lately. It is not working. I have so many thoughts going through my head at night, I think that is what is keeping me up. I sure hope it is not the M/S. That is a silly thought though. That would mean I would actually have something serious to fret about.

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