Friday, October 02, 2009

ballet anyone?

I went to class, and then I found that I had all this time. Well, it was supposed to be time full of studying, but instead I was talking with Janice. It is amazing how I can just stare at her (we use SKYPE) for vast amounts of time. I gotta be careful though, ya know, because I don't want to go too over board. What with all my time being spent chatting/staring with Janice and not with homework. I probably should have gone to the gym today too. . .

I was looking forward to today all week. Yes, Tom and I had the evening all planned out. It was so much fun. At 5:30 I met up at his house and he took me out to dinner.
If you are familiar with Fort Wayne, then you will know where the Gas House is downtown. That is where we ate, and we had a time filled with great conversation and just fellowship. I really love being with Tom. He is definitely a mentor for me, and someone I really respect and look up to.

After we ate, we went to the Performing Arts Center and saw a ballet. It was a little bit of everything. Contemporary, old school, all mixed into one show. Now, I am not familiar with Ballet, but this was pretty neat to me. Especially the more contemporary stuff. It is so technical and really amazing what these young people can do. I had a lot of fun.

I had told Janice this, but I will say it again. The only thing that tonight was missing was HER. I wish I could have shared the evening with her. But, sadly that was not the case. Some day. . .

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Tom Kaough said...

Yes, I too value Mikey and my time with him. We both learn and grow. A blessed time with a blessed young man.