Saturday, October 17, 2009

zombies & God

I had promised a YL kid that I would hang out with him today. I first went to the library and worked on a power point and part of a paper that our group has to turn in. I worked and worked on that thing. Then, it was time to go hang out with Austin. Austin is a neat kid who is really enjoying CLUB. So, I thought about what we should do, then I thought about the "fall back idea," and decided to take him to a movie. We went and saw Zombieland. At first, one might think, "well that is not an approperiate movie for a young Christian man to take a kid to see. I say, "it was pretty cool, and we had great conversation." After the movie, I had it put on my heart to go to the mall, and seek out where happiness comes from.
Austin had found a piano, and continued to play it. He knows the beginning of several songs, and starts them out quite well. It was fun to hear him, and to watch peoples reactions. So, after the piano we continued to explore the mall for happiness. We finally got to an area with a lot of mattresses. A lady walked by me, and I swear God told me, "That's the one." So I just said to her in passing, "Well, you sure do look happy." She just smiled and said, "thank you." Then I turned to her and said, "and why is that?" Austin picked up right away and said to her, "yeah, if you don't mind us asking, why are you happy, what brings you happiness?" She said to us both, "do you really want to know?" Austin said, "Yes." She said, without hesitation, "Well, I have Jesus Christ in my heart, and I know my salvation belongs to Him. That brings me a lot of Joy." I just stood there and smiled. I wondered if Austin thought that I had paid her to say that. But I don't think he did. ;-) Sometimes when God prompts you to do something, you can't argue with him. Even if it doesn't make sense, and you see no redeeming value in it, if God is telling you, prompting you, or moving you in some other way to do or act on something. You just have to listen, and let Him take care of the rest. I sure am glad I got to hang out with Austin today. I had a real good time.

2 Timothy 4:2

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