Sunday, October 25, 2009


So, after I got home from church. I had my dad look at my car. I believe the clutch or transmission, and possibly some bar holding or directing the right front tire is not good. . . my car needs some love. Not gonna stress out about it, just gonna trust God with it. Because ultimately, no matter how much I do not want to be reliant on my parents, well I still am. So, things will work out. After he "scoped" the car, I went inside to get started on my BSF, and then he just vanished. I saw him go out back, but didn't know what for. When I finished, he was on the roof with a big broom sweeping of pine needles. I asked him, "Do you feel safe up there?" To which he replied, "NO." I said to him, "Well, why don't you come down and then I will go get changed; we can switch places." Then he corrected me and said, "Why don't you go get changed and then once you are back out here I will come down." That is what I did, and I finished the job for him. I also cleaned the sky lights. Roof and sky light windows are looking real good.

Then I made a little something for Janice. Check it out.


Paulette Greene said...

Mikey made me cry..........that video for Janice is so special and dear. You are something else!! Paulette

Mikey said...

Thanks Paulette,

I have strong feelings for the girl. She is one special lady. God has truly blessed me with her. :o)