Sunday, September 27, 2009

God is alive

Every where I look I see the work and love of Christ. Sometimes it is meek, and hard to make out, but if you look, I mean if you really have the eyes to see it, you can't help but see it every where. It is impacting and powerful. It is loyal, and warm. It never demeans or belittles, it uplifts and protects. This is the love I know to be absolute truth in my life. This afternoon Janice called me when she was in church. She just left the phone on talk, and I listened while she was in a worship time. It really was a neat experience for me. Especially when I could hear her singing From the Inside Out, by Hillsong United. I am so attracted to Janice, because she believes in and trusts her life with the same LOVE that moves me to act and treat people genuinely. It was a really cool opportunity just to listen from her pocket or purse or where ever I was.

More happened today too. But seriously, I have to wake up super early and do childcare at a shcool I have never been at before, so I need SLEEP!!!!

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