Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I do not have time, I should not be BLOGGING right now. . .

Seriously, this is crazy. I have many many things that must take priority over creating a BLOG post, yet here I am, BLOGGing away. Anyways, enjoy my life, cuz seriously, I do. No matter how stressful and crazy it may get, I like it a lot.

Flash cards have become my best friend. I went to get my oil changed today, and you better believe I was going over my verb tenses & conjugation & what not.

I have been hanging out with little kids a lot because I am subbing for the YMCA. It's a good thing I love little kdis so much. Otherwise, I don't think I would like this job. That was a stupid comment, but I am super tired, mentally and physically.

I will meet my Spanish Tutor tomorrow. I have already started seeing a tutor provided by the University, but I need way more 1on1 help. So, I got on CraigsList and found a lady who charges $5/20 minutes. I hope she is all that and a box of rocks.

A little boy at Foster Park Elementary School named Donovon drew this picture of a Robot for me. I think he called it the THREE Six Thousand. That kid is crazy. Love him though.

It is 11pm Right now, and I should probably stay up and finish reading and taking notes for Chapter 2 in Applied leadership. But, I feel I will be completely useless if I don't get some sleep. I am going to brush my teeth, and hit the sack.

God is so good to me.


Love ya Janice, what you told me on the phone tonight will resonate in my heart and mind until I see you again.


Janice said...

That picture of those 2 boys is so cute! and that robot has a super cool name... I should have named mine. Anywho...Im glad your working on that spanish, next thing you know you'll be talking to my family fully in spanish, hehe maybe not. I love you, keep up the hard studies!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for giving all of us a blog on your busy day... i was a tad bit too busy to check on your blog but i made time cause i care, so thanks for taking time too...thank god all of us have busy days huh... so whats up with the disease? have heard nothing about it for quite some time. ASSUME you are doing well, but still are amazed that was the start of this blog and gets so little mention now.. amazing.. whats happened to all the china stuff and going back etc blah blah blah etc.

Mikey said...

Well, I have said many times before, and will say again that I do not believe the China treatment was successful in my body, and until they have an opportunity to really hone in on the ability of stem cell therapy, I won't be going back. As for my health, and why I talk of it so little. Well, since I started the Tysabri therapy in March of 2008, I have not had to worry about my health. That is such an amazing feeling, because from the time I was diagnosed, until I started the Tysabri in march of 2008, there was not a day that went by that I didn't wonder or worry about my health. I guess I don't talk about it much because I don't think about it much. That is such a HUGE blessing, one I can't even really describe. My current health is awesome though. I don't even feel like I have M/S.

Anonymous said...

that is the answer i hoped i would get but all of us didnt know because you just left us hanging on that.. hope you continue to enjoy good health.. someone your age should not have to worry about that with all the other things twenting somethings have to worry about. great news, thank you