Wednesday, September 05, 2007

awwww shucks

Fort Wayne Community Schools called me today around 4ish, they told me the reason that I got a letter in the mail saying I was ineligible for employment was because I had a conviction within the past ~5~ years. I thought that was kind of strict for a custodial position, but I guess if you are going to be around children, then you want to be above reproach. I was disappointed, but I guess I wasn't meant to have that job. Soon, I will go to my friends moms house and ask if she will help me make a resume. I am going to start getting serious about my job hunting. I believe making a good resume will be the best place to start.

I am still coughing, still snotting, and still not feeling so hott. I had a good day at work today though, I worked my butt off, then when I got back to the shop, I dug a trench with a shovel. I love working really hard then going home and staying active till it is time to go to bed. THAT is when you get the best sleep, "in my opinion." I think some people take their sleep for granted. I have struggled with sleep for the majority of my life, so I definitely enjoy the heck out of it when I get it good. :-)

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