Wednesday, September 12, 2007

work, movie, work

I worked hard today. My tremors are very noticable now, I NEED to find another job if I know what's good for me. NEED TO. When I got home from work I got cleaned up, and my friend Jenni came and picked me up for a movie. We saw Death Sentence, with Kevin Bacon. It was intense and non-stop craziness. It was so, AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I got some cool pictures in work today. Pictures from the road. Check it out.
This picture is out of the front of the windshield. You can see the little crack in the lower right hand corner. This picture was taken out of the passenger side open window. I snapped a pic. of the passenger side side view mirror. You can see the trailer and truck, plus the outside lines. It looks pretty cool. Here is a picture of Jenni from inside the theatre. I used that chap stick too, it was a lip saver.

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